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Kate Sharma – Bridgerton Characters

Kate Sharma suffers no fools and is ready to protect the ones she loves. Check who is the new leading lady of Bridgerton!

Welcome, welcome! The season of 1814 is upon us and we have a new family in town: The Sharmas. And Miss Katherine Sheffield Sharma is not one to be played at. Kate suffer no fools and it’s ready to become a lioness to protect the ones she loves.

Born in 1793, she’s the oldest Sharma Sister. In the books, Kate’s mother died when she was very young, her father married again with the kind Mary and together they raised Kate, along with a baby of their own, little Edwina. The bond between these two girls is stronger than many and is up to Kate to shield her sister from the Libertines of the Ton.

Living in Somerset for all her life, Kate grew up amid nature and loves the country. With a whip smart mouth, she’s incredible clever and is not afraid to said her mind. This might prove a obstacle to snatch a husband, but Kate is happy to find a sensible country gentleman to settle in a cottage near home. We honestly think that she just haven ‘t found (yet) the right man (or Lord).

Even if this was a possibility to Kate, Mary has another plans for her girls, taking them to London for a double season presentation – as Kate is almost too “old” to be presented to the Queen and Edwina is barely out of the school room – with high hopes of finding great matches for them. And with Edwina being the Incomparable of the season, the stakes are high!

In the series, we still don’t have much clues as to their background, only that Mary hails from an aristocratic family that was not too happy with her for marrying a tradesman. This situation might change when Mary’s family learn that the Viscount Bridgerton is interested in one of the Sharma’s sisters…

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