Bridgerton Season 2 – What do we know?

When will Bridgerton premiere? Who is the new couple? Find out (some) answers in this article!

Filming for Bridgerton season 2 are under way, but we know so little about production this year that Lady Whistledown would be disappointed! Everything is top secret, even more than during season one filming (Oh, the good old days…) But, let’s recap what we know until now, so we keep everyone posted!

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What Bridgerton Season 2 is about?

On the second season of Bridgerton, we will follow Anthony Bridgerton in his quest for a bride. Little did he know that he will find love along the way, not in the kind eyes of Edwina Sharma but in the fiery ones of her sister, Kate Sharma.

Who are the leads of Bridgerton this year?

Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley, Anthony and Kate in Bridgerton, during filming at Royal Ascot (Daily Mail)

Jonathan Bailey will return as Anthony Bridgerton (minus mutton chops) and Simone Ashley, from Sex Education, will play Kate Sharma (Sheffield on the books). We’re not gonna lie, we are already half in love with her!

Who are the new characters?

We have a bunch of new characters: along Kate Sharma, we will have the whole family, Mary and Edwina Sharma, played by Shelley Conn and Charithra Chandran.

Fancy a bit of mystery? You’ll find it in the character of Jack, no surname, only a vague description about him being related to one of the most influential families of the ton. Could it be the Featherington heir?

Also, Theo Sharpe is a new character and will be played by Calam Lynch. He is a hardworking man, from the working class who fights for the rights of all. It’s not clear if he will be related to Whistledown storyline, but we are hoping for it!

Grab your tissue box, because this going to hurt! Rupert Evans (aka Frank Churchill in Emma 2009) will play no one else than Edmund Bridgerton. That’s a HELL YES for flashbacks with Anthony and his father, maybe a not-so-cool bee scene and bittersweet memories. Are you ready? I’m not.

Where Bridgerton are being filmed?

Jonathan Bailey riding in Windsor Great Park (Daily Mail)

Due to the secrecy of season two, we don’t have much to report where locations are concerned. Only some papparazzi photos were taken at Windsor Great Park, Greenwich and Royal Ascot. They are certainly filming at Wilton House, since it’s a key location for Her Majesty humble abode. And came to our knowledge that when Bridgerton stopped due to a covid outbreak in July, they were filming at Wrotham Hall, but we have no clue which house will be, although many have theorized that it could be Aubrey Hall.

Will the brothers and sisters return?

But of course! This is a Bridgerton show and wouldn’t be the same without any of them! Rest assured that we still have much to hear from Benedict, Colin, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory and Hyacinth, as well as Violet and Lady Danbury. And count on Queen C to stir the pot of gossip and scandal, trying to find out who Lady W is!

The Duke of Hastings is Dead? Daphne is a widow?

Phoebe Dynevor filming in London at the Rangers House aka Bridgerton House (Just Jared)

No, he’s not dead! With Regé-Jean Page departure, Shonda Rhymes and Betsy Beers, producers of the show, assured us countless times that the Duke is not deceased and that Daphne will take her place in society as the Duchess of Hastings as usual. His Grace is just too busy to take part in the Ton’s affairs!

When will Bridgerton premiere?

Unfortunately, that’s the one million dollars question. Bridgerton is in full filming mode, but Chris Van Dusen already told on more than one interview that they are post-editing some episodes, so we may not expect it for Christmas but hope sooner than latter. Wait, someone said Easter? 🙂

Keep an eye out! We’ll be back with any news on Bridgerton Filming Season 2 as soon as possible!

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