Check the first look of Kate and Anthony on Bridgerton Season 2!

Check the news pictures from Bridgerton Season 2! Our first glimpse of Simone Ashley as Kate Sharma

As Bridgerton filming commenced early in April, the end of the month gave us our first – and much waited – glimpse of Kate Sharma, our new lead lady played by Simone Ashley! And, she’s GORGEOUS! Ellen Mijorinick did it again, ladies: our Kate is impeccable in a dark blue gown with matching lace gloves.

Daily Mail/

Of course, in the same pictures right next to her was Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) and we wonder if it’s in that moment that the flame between them sparks. Jonathan looked as smart as ever, with a blue-ish coat, top hat and white breeches. Pretty much the same costume we saw him for in S1E01.


In the same sequence of pictures, shared by Daily Mail, we can see other Bridgertons and even Lady Danbury (Adjoah Andoh) and our cutie-pie Edwina Sharma (Charithra Chandram). We believe this scene, in Ascot Racecourse, will be at the beginning of the story, with Kate being averse to Lord Bridgerton courtship to Edwina. He was seated between them, but it was clear that the match – and the older sister – got his attention. The competition between Miss Sharma and the Viscount was palpable!

Even if the picture’s quality isn’t that much, we can identify a lot of dear characters. On Anthony’s right side, there is Edwina, Francesca (Ruby Stokes) and Eloise (Claudia Jessie) could be spotted above her, between Colin (Luke Newton) and Benedict (Luke Thompson). And hid behind a gentleman with a grey top-hat is Gregory (Will Tilston) and Hyacinth (Florence Hunt) is right beside him shedding her eyes. From Kate’s left side we have Lady Danbury and Violet (Ruth Gemmel), probably plotting the next season great match!

The set looks like the Royal Enclosure in Ascot, as we can see in the picture bellow. We can only imagine that Her Majesty Queen Charlotte (Golda Rosheuvel) is seated between roses, being entertained.

Two details we’ve noticed it’s related with facial hair. Anthony’s chops looks to be less dramatic (and pointed) and more elegant. Maybe it’s a nod to how the character went through a transformation after the developments of season one? Maybe.

On the other side, Colin looks like he has a stub beard, pretty much like someone who has just arrived from traveling abroad (and not caring much how his beard is).

Well, we also noticed how Eloise’s hair looks different and Francesca finally is in town this year. Gregory and Hyacinth looks so grown up too, didn’t, they?

Let’s hope for some news from the official account (if they are not mad about this leaks – the fandom has nothing to do with it this time! We are in our best behavior!😂)

See all the pics we found about season 2, from Splash News:

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