Watch the Bridgerton Trailer!

Take a look at the Bridgerton Trailer and read our team reaction!

If you are not living inside a bubble, you know that Bridgerton is coming this Christmas to Netflix! And finally, FINALLY, we have a good and proper trailer, almost full 3 minutes of bliss and our favourite characters on screen.

The clip is fast-paced, with a lot of scenes flashed by one after the other. Just in the few firsts scenes, we have glimpses of Marina Thompson (Ruby Barker), Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor), Lady Featherington (Polly Walker), Queen Charlotte (Golda Rosheuvel) and even Anthony and Siena Rosso (Jonathan Bailey and Sabrina Bartlett).

We have a lot of new scenes, new dialogues, suggesting that much intrigue and scandal lurk in the corner of Mayfair ballrooms! But, words are empty without the image, so, watch the trailer and read what we all little bees from the Bridgerton Observatory though and felt while watching the trailer.

“I was so excited for the trailer that I woke up really early – as if this would make difference as it would already be available 😂
But I loved it, I think I will never get used to all the colours, the aesthetics, I will always look at it as the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.
I was really excited to see everything but my heart cried a bit when we had Anthony and Siena three times 😂 but Daphne and Simon… They’re everything, love that we can see their chemistry in such shorter scenes.
Also, I wonder how many balls we will have in each episode and in the entire show.
My favourite shot was definitely the one they dance together and completely alone, it’s sooooo magical, looks like a fairy tale, and the one they’re looking to the paintings on the wall with the hands almost touching is also beautiful.” 
Gabi – Bridgerton Stans

“I must confess that I was a bit afraid of the trailer because some clips show all the good scenes and left little to the series. But Bridgerton trailer left a lot more questions than answers! 
I died a little in that scene with Anthony, Daphne and Violet, his face is so much “I Will Kill You”, so much Anthony energy, that I was thrilled to see it! All characters are wonderfully pictured, you can feel the book throughout the trailer, even with the changes (Yes, Marina and Colin, I’m talking to you). 
The trailer was released when I was working (oh, real life, why?), so my reaction was a bit muted by that. Only when I watched in my big TV screen later that night that I really felt the impact of those scenes, all the glittering world of Mayfair from our beloved books, all the things that make Bridgerton so special for us now is a real thing, not only in our minds.”
Manu – Julia Quinn Brasil

“The trailer really gave me the feeling that this is really happening, Bridgerton has always been something that I love and care so much about. My friends only knew about it because of me, and now everyone will know and finally understand where my love for it comes from. It was such a coincidence that they put so many trees with cherry blossoms in Bridgerton, I adore cherry blossoms, everyone I know knows it too, so this made me incredibly happy! I absolutely loved the scene where Simon and Daphne were kissing under a tree with a beautiful décor at night.
“Must our only options be to squawk and settle or to never leave the nest? What if I want to fly?” This is my favourite quote from the trailer, I could really feel Eloise’s desire to be free and choose her own path in life. I am a person that really looks for passion in a series, when everything just fits together, the music, the way actors say their lines, the scenery. This trailer makes people understand how much love and work people have put into the production of Bridgerton. And it makes me feel part of all of this, as a fan!”
Merel – Bridgerton Fanpage

“For me, it was a surprise when the trailer came out because I was expecting it to be released later than it really was. So when I clicked the play button and heard Lady Whistledown’s voice, I got goosebumps all over. It was more than I could ever imagine, seeing those characters from the books coming to life was a dream come true. Of course, there were screams – I could barely contain myself when I saw Anthony and Benedict – but there were also tears and laughter. I am very confident that the show will deliver everything that we are hoping for and much more, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us. This will certainly be the best Christmas ever.”

Aline – Bridgerton Citando

“I was so anxious about the trailer that I couldn’t even demonstrate too much reaction when I watched it. It was a mixture of ecstasy and shock at everything I was seeing and I just stayed with my mouth open all the time saying “oh my God, oh my God” several times! I just loved everything, I couldn’t be happier with what they did, the aesthetics are beautiful and the essence of the books is so present in it that it’s impossible not to love everything we got so far.”
Isa – Bridgerton Stans

“The trailer was everything I was waiting for. Even though there were some scenes from the first teaser, the trailer still surprised me with new things and scenes that I immediately recognized from the book. It left me with the feeling of wanting more than just those 3 minutes.
We saw some couples, fights, family scenes and that’s all a show needs. As a fan of the books, I’m also excited to see the things that aren’t present in the books (Queen Charlotte, for example). The trailer was long-awaited and it really was everything I expected.
The final sentence with “you are a Bridgerton” moved me, giving that feeling that the series will be fantastic and I, as a fan of the books, will fall in love with the story again.
Julia – Bridgerton Citando

“When we got the news that the Bridgerton trailer was coming I was so excited I almost couldn’t function! The night before the trailer dropped I barely got any sleep maybe 2 hours at most, excitement got the best of me. I was on my way home when my notifications started going crazy, to say I freaked out would be an understatement! I had to pull over cuz there was NO WAY I was waiting the five minutes it would take me to get home.
The feeling I got as Lady Whistledown said her first lines was surreal! I couldn’t believe that we’d come this far, I kept thinking ‘Bridgerton is actually coming to life’!!! It was overwhelming in a good way! I felt elated to see that the characters I’d come to love from Julia Quinn’s books were so spot on. Seeing each scene play out and recognizing each one but also seeing how some things were changed up was amazing. I was particularly looking forward to the scene where Simon and Daphne meet and although it was a little different from the way they meet in the book, I still felt butterflies in my stomach seeing their first encounter play out on screen. Everything about the trailer was a dream. I loved every second.”

Kim – Bridgerton Seriess

The first thing I thought about when I got the message that the Bridgertons trailer was out was “My God, is this really real?” We spent so long freaking out with little things like photos of the locations, a story of the cast together, that now it was really happening, Bridgerton will premiere and there were very few days left till then. When I started watching, I was still numb, not believing it was real. But when the trailer passed, I woke up and I could only think about how perfect it was and how it made me want to cry. Each scene, each phrase, the scenery, costumes were all much bigger than I could have imagined or expected. I was very grateful to have been able to follow the entire filming process, waiting for this moment that was pure ecstasy.”

Maria – Bridgerton Citando

What do you felt when the first seconds of the trailer started? Tell us in the comments!

1 comment on “Watch the Bridgerton Trailer!

  1. Sonia Maria Alves Polizzeli

    A série deve seguir no segundo episódio com o Duque e Eu. A série do romance feminista, oi seja, a sociedade e a imagem da mulher atual na sociedade, enfatizando o modo como as mulheres actualmente lidam com a sexualidade. Como o Duque disse a Dafine, se vamos ser um casal diferente…


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