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Penelope Featherington – Bridgerton Characters

Timid but with a secret brilliant mind, Penelope is the third child of the Featherington family.

Timid but with a secret brilliant mind, Penelope is the third child of the Featherington family.

When our story begins, in 1813, Penelope is passing through her very first season, at the age of 17, the only thing she wanted and implored to her mother, was to wait another year for her debut, like her best friend Eloise Bridgerton. At this time, she was insecure with everything, like her weight, saying that if she waited another year, she would probably lose what she called a “child” kilo.

But we can assume that the main reason of Penelope’s insecurity is her own family. She’s overlooked by her own mother, who has also a questionable taste for clothes. Always makes the girl wear vibrant colors like yellow and orange. She says it’s a happy color. In actually, because of her clothes, shyness, weight and family, Penelope isn’t considered a “Diamond of First Water”, it’s the opposite, she’s always one of the girls that are sat or in the bottom of ballrooms.

The only thing (or person) that puts her name in the mouth of The Ton is Lady Whistledown, but also, not in a good way. Of course, wearing all those vibrant and wrong colours, what else she could write instead of comparisons to a citric fruit? But not even this can change her mother’s mind.

Another reason for being mentioned in the columns, is Colin Bridgerton. He always dances with her in the balls (most times because he was obligated by his mother), but he likes Penelope and it’s always gentle with her, even when it’s hard to keep a conversation. What people don’t know is that she has a secret love for him. Two days before her 17° birthday, he fell from a horse because of her hat, and instead of being angry, gave a beautiful laugh. Colin’s charm that we already know, and how to not fall in love with that?

The only truly friend she has is Eloise Bridgerton. She’s the only person that sees the real Penelope and allows her to be herself. Definitely, the kind of friendship we want for life!

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