Watch the Bridgerton trailer!

We finally have a trailer and now we're screaming!

It’s finally here! Today, Netflix released the first Bridgerton trailer! We are all too excited about it to say more right now, so we’ll let the trailer speak for itself:

Bridgerton is the first series from Shondaland to Netflix and its being adapted for screen by Chris Van Dusen. Don’t miss the premiere at December 25!

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Jornalista, leitora viciada assumida e nunca em rehab, curiosa por natureza e que tem certeza que em outra encarnação era britânica. Adora falar sobre história e estórias. Dizem que ela é mad as hatter. E é verdade.⁣ ⁣🇬🇧 Brazilian journalist, bookworm and never in rehab, curious by nature and sure that in another life she was British. Loves to talk about history and stories. They say she's mad as a hatter. And it's true

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