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Hyacinth Bridgerton – Bridgerton Characters

Hyacinth may be the youngest Bridgerton, but she's sure here for the win!

She may be the younger Bridgerton sister, but don’t let her angelic smile fool you! Hyacinth Bridgerton is sharper than a knife, sometimes mentally even a bit older than she is. Like 80 years older.

Born in 1803’s late spring, she didn’t meet her father, as he died when Violet was pregnant. Anthony, her oldest brother, always make his best to fill that void and are the best big brother a girl can expect. She’s closest in age with Gregory, therefore, they always are bickering and play-fighting, as siblings are wont to do. They make a lot of mischiefs together but love each other fiercely.

But fear not, she’s only ten years old and a bit young to be entering the Marriage Mart anytime soon. But when that time comes, oh, beware, she’ll be awesome!

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