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Luke Newton – Bridgerton Cast

Who's the actor that will bring Colin Bridgerton to life? Check it out!


Luke Newton was born on February 5th, 1997 in Brighton, England, where he grew up alongside his younger sister, Lauren. He became uncle of his first nephew in June 2020, a baby boy named Kobe. He currently resides in London, with his girlfriend, the actress Jade Davies.

Luke and his sister, Lauren.
Luke with is girlfriend Jade Davies.

He studied at the London School of Musical Theater (LSMT) and appeared as one of the notable alumni on the school’s Wikipedia page. His first television job was in The Cut, where he played the character, Luke Atwood, at the time he was just 13 years old. However, he came to be better known for the Disney Channel series, The Lodge, where he played Ben Evans, one of the main character’s love interests, thus having a prominent role.

Besides acting, Luke has an incredible voice and is a born singer. We can see that he makes the best use of this gift, Luke has already posted some videos singing that even make us wish that Bridgerton was a musical, just to see Colin singing a serenade to Penelope. In The Lodge, which is a tv show where the characters sing and dance, Luke sings several times, both with teammates, as well as solo. In the tv show, we can also see his skills as a great dancer, in elaborate choreographies.

In 2016, in an interview for the Wonderland Magazine, Luke talked about working with a racial diversity cast on The Lodge, something that happened again in Bridgerton, which has a cast that values ​​diversity.

“What I think is difficult: when you do watch a series or a show and there’s a really diverse cast, and that feels new? Why is that? Why is that diversity a shock? When I see it, I’m like, ‘This is amazing, I should feel more like this is the norm.”

“You know when people have been in industry and they say, ‘Ah, back in my day!’ It’ll be so exciting to look back, in the future, and say, ‘Thank goodness that’s over, that that progress has happened!

Luke Newton for Wonderland Magazine

Luke acted in the play The Book of Mormon, which is a religious musical satire, at the Prince of Wales Theater. The theatre play received good reviews from several critics. He replayed his role as Elder Price a few times. He also played Warner in a Legally Blonde revival in 2015, at Kilworth House Theater, which also received great critics.

We all know that Luke Newton was the perfect choice for the role of Colin Bridgerton, after all, the actor and the character share a remarkable characteristic: the love for food. On his social media, there are pictures of various dishes and of Luke himself with several delicacies, not to mention that, like any other proper Englishman, he loves tea with cookies.


Book Of MormonElder Price
2015LoservilleMichael Dork
All Shook Up
Out There
2015Legally BlondeWarner


Year:Title:Film or Series:Role:
2010The CutSeriesLuke Atwood
2011Sadie JSeriesBrad
2014Mr. SelfridgeSeriesRichard Brackenbury
2014DoctorsSeriesSam Hern
2014Twist and Pulse’s Halloween ThrillerShort FilmMichael
2016-2017The LodgeSeriesBen Evans
2018Lake Placid: LegacyFilmBilly
2019Youth in BedShort FilmEthan


Take a look at Luke singing with his girlfriend in the beginning of quarantine!


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