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Colin Bridgerton – Bridgerton Characters

Colin is the Bridgerton Brother that loves to travel, has a quick mind and a killer smile. But he's so much more!

He’s handsome, he’s witty, and he has a hunger that never is sated! Of course, we’re talking about Colin Bridgerton, the third brother and official mischief-maker in the family. Don’t be fooled by his gorgeous green eyes or easy (and hypinotic) smile. Colin has depths and dreams that even his brothers don’t know of.

Born in 1791 late winter, Colin was a chubby baby already showing signs that he would be great with the ladies. He and Daphne are closest in age, and we can totally see those two struttings in Kent, climbing trees and doing all kind of things.

Remember that hunger that we talked about earlier? It’s not only for food. Colin is always travelling, discovering new places and cultures. When the 1813’s season begins, our Mr Bridgerton is coming back from a one year travel around Europe, where his last stop was Paris. What mischief he’ll make in London?

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