Ruby Stokes – Bridgerton Cast

Who is Ruby Stokes? In this post we will tell you everything we know about the person playing Francesca Bridgerton!

Before we start, this post may have less information than other posts. As Ruby was underage most of her career, she hasn’t done many interviews, which makes it very hard for us to find anything about her. Maybe this was a choice she made, we totally respect that.

Ruby was born on the 4th of September in 2000, which means she is 20 years of age. She starts her career very early, at 10 years of age she has a tiny role in the miniseries Just William. After having a couple of little roles her first big role is in the drama film Una.

In 2018 ruby has one of the two main roles in Nosebleed, a short film as an episode in a mini series called Shortflix. Ruby and actress Lily Newmark play two best friends, whose friendship is morphing into a far more venomous and toxic one. Take a look at the short film here: (Source:

One of her latest roles is in the British coming-of-age drama film Rocks, here she plays Agnes, one of the friends of Rocks (Bukky Bakray), who lives alone with her brother, desperately trying to not get caught and forced apart. Here you can watch the trailer:

Take a look at her beauty!

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