Francesca Bridgerton – Bridgerton Characters

She may be only 16, but Francesca Bridgerton is bound to be great! Let's learn more about her

It´s time for child number six! Our introvert Bridgerton, Francesca. The one that might not always be with her family, but is for sure a rare diamond.

Francesca was born one year right after Eloise in 1797 early spring, is the third sister. But, unlike her siblings, she has a demeanour more reserved and mysterious. Also with a subversive sense of humour, pretty intelligent and graceful, having a calmer temperament than her sisters (but not less witty). She always looked older than she really was and more independent.

When our story begins, in 1813, Francesca is 16 years old that still have to put up with her younger siblings, with practical jokes like having mash potatoes in your dining chair. Frannie will debut in a couple of years, but for now, she occupies her time with sewing and embroidering, besides learning anything a lady should have.

Although Frannie is not that close to her family, she would give her life for them. Proving, this way, that she is, with no doubts, a Bridgerton.

This post is a guest-colaboration of @Bridgertons_eight.

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