Benedict Bridgerton – Bridgerton Characters

Curious to know more about the second son? This week we're gonna talk about Benedict Bridgerton!

Time to talk about this Bridgerton! The tallest one. The artistic one! Benedict Bridgerton, the second son of Violet and Edmund. Born in 1786, Benedict has a great relationship with his elder brother, Anthony. Best pals in childhood, that didnt mean that they didnt get into scraps and brother fights.

Although Benedict is plain Mr. Bridgerton, his good looks, pleasant ways and full pocket makes him a good catch amid the eligible bachelors of London. But his artist soul wants more than a good match, he wants more than to be the Bridgerton Number 2.

Benedict is a loyal friend and brother, has a fair judgment and loves horses as well as any other Bridgerton. He also has a very good eye for art, loves to draw and he’s very good at it, altough he never lets anyone see his drawings.

In 1813, Benedict is enjoying his life about town, but all parties and card games are loosing its charms. But who knows what the future holds for our dear Mr. Bridgerton? Maybe its time to try to turn a hobby in a career. After all, what’s left for a second son to do?

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Jornalista, leitora viciada assumida e nunca em rehab, curiosa por natureza e que tem certeza que em outra encarnação era britânica. Adora falar sobre história e estórias. Dizem que ela é mad as hatter. E é verdade.⁣ ⁣🇬🇧 Brazilian journalist, bookworm and never in rehab, curious by nature and sure that in another life she was British. Loves to talk about history and stories. They say she's mad as a hatter. And it's true

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