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Claudia Jessie – Bridgerton Cast

Wonder who is the person playing Eloise Bridgerton? Find out everything you need to know about Claudia Jessie in this article!

Wonder who is the person playing Eloise Bridgerton? Find out everything you need to know about Claudia Jessie in this article!


Born in Moseley, Birmingham (United Kingdom), Claudie grows up moving around England and Europe. At 14, she leaves school to be homeschooled. But when she is 17 years old, she returns to her birthplace with the encouragement of her mother, who works on cleaning houses to give ballet lessons to Claudia. Her dad, when he was still there, fights off the bailiffs at the door. “I didn’t come from a financially stable place, so seeing the payoff for them is unbelievable. That means everything to me. It is my proudest achievement.”

She has endured panic attacks and extreme fears since childhood. “I was like depersonalization, which is the result of living long with fear and trauma.” Claudia and her family have found it really helpful practicing Nichiren Buddhism, a Japanese branch of the religion. She meditates at least an hour a day, usually from 4:30 A.M. “It’s supported me no end,” she says. “The more I resisted those feelings, the worse it would feel. The more I sat with my them, meditating, the more easily they passed.”

This is one of the reasons she does not use social media, no Twitter, no Instagram, no Facebook.

“Social media provokes more anxiety in me, looking at images of other people, and at comments about myself, and I’ve got a natural propensity to not be very nice to myself. That’s common among us all. But mine feels particularly dangerous. My inner monologue – she can be quite mean,”

Claudia Jessie in an interview for


At 21 years of age Jessie joins a LGBTQ+ theatre company run by director Hannah Phillips. After putting on a play, Heterophobia, at Rada with her theatre group, she decided to move to London and find an agent. “And, of course, I was rejected by everyone.”

Her first appearance on television is in 2012 in an episode of the British medical soap opera “Doctors” coming back in 2014 for a bigger role playing Poppy Conroy for 12 episodes. After that she plays a lot of other roles:

2012/2014DoctorsKate Marshall/Poppy Conroy
2013House of Anubis: Touchstone of RaSophia
2015WPC 56WPC Annie Taylor
2016Their FinestDoris
2017Line Of DutyDetective Constable Jodie Taylor
2018Vanity FairAmelia Sedley

In Their Finest, a British war comedy drama film, we see that Claudia also is a very good singer! Watch her scene down here:

Claudia Jessie About Bridgerton:

“I can’t believe I get paid for what I do. Something of this scale is unreal,” she says. “I auditioned for the role of Penelope, a different character, and was offered the role of Eloise, which makes so much sense to me! The show is so beautifully cast. I felt really honored when I got the news. It has been the greatest job I have ever had – it is so exciting. I am still coming to terms with it!”

Jessie in an interview with Civillian Magazine


Would you like to watch a similar series to get into the Bridgerton atmosphere? Then watch the historical drama series Vanity Fair with Claudia in one of the leading roles! Its placed in 1848, 35 years after the Bridgerton timeline. Watch the trailer down here:

Take a look at the gallery!

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