Eloise Bridgerton – Bridgerton Characters

Time to know better the Bridgerton that loves writing letters!

Going further down the alphabet, now its time to know Eloise better. The fifth offspring, second daughter of the Bridgertons, our little miss has a rebellious streak in her and does not believe in being a frivolous and frilly debutante.

Eloise was born in 1796’s early spring. As all the other Bridgerton children, she loves to ride and engage in this pastime at Rotten Row whenever she’s able. Another hobby of hers is writing letters, corresponding with friends and family across Britain. Ah, and she’s a crack shot, you would’nt want to be beside her in a shooting contest.

Her brazen aproach to life may shock some, but its reasonable. She lost someone dearly at the age of 5, right in front of her eyes. That’s bound to make someone live their lives to the fullest, dont you think?

Sharp-minded, Eloise knows that she is approaching marriageable age, but its not ask to much to look for something larger-than-life.

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