Jonathan Bailey – Bridgerton Cast

Who is the person playing our favorite viscount? We are telling everything we know about Jonathan Bailey this week!

Who is the person playing our favorite viscount? We are telling everything we know about Jonathan Bailey this week!


Born on the 25th of April in 1988 in Wallingford, England, Jonathan grows up with his three elder sisters. In an interview Jonathan tells us how he is sure that his sisters used to dress him up and force him to sing Sister’s sledge. At 11 he was a ballet dancer. He already knew what he wanted to be when he was older:

I was aged about five and I went to see Oliver!. I remember announcing to my family something very cliched like “I want to be up there one day”.

I used to say that I wanted to be a pilot. It used to be my get out of jail free card whenever my parents or teachers asked, albeit with fear in their eyes, whether acting was a serious consideration. Perhaps I would have played more music and explored that route…

Jonathan in an interview in 2012 for

In 2019 Jonathan and his co-workers from Company (Bailey received an Olivier Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role in this musical) took part in a special performance to raise money for the Albert Kennedy Trust , the LGTBQ youth homeless charity that is very close to his heart, knowing for a fact that Jonathan is gay himself.

“AKT’s outreach is huge and they’ve got an amazing mentoring scheme as well, ” Jonathan says of the good work they do. “I think from my upbringing, I wasn’t exposed to any role models in popular culture or in my day to day life, so the idea that there’s a safe conversation that can be had with you by someone with experience is really important – because it can [still] be an incredible dangerous place to be.”

He added: “There are still people who don’t feel safe in their own home because they’ve had a first real conversation about who they are. We all know the gay world brings certain challenges. This one guy came out and his parents made it clear he wasn’t welcome in their house – he moved to London, ended up going to a chill party where he was encouraged to take drugs and was infected [with HIV]. That’s a life-changing trauma on multiple levels, and the idea that that’s still happening… The Albert Kennedy Trust will never let someone go homeless for that one night, and all it takes is a phone call.”

In an interview with GQ about his grooming routine, Bailey talks briefly about Bridgerton, mostly about his facial hair (we add some pics of this “heavy-duty period drama mutton chops”!) and how he hates shaving:

I’m filming a Netflix series called Bridgerton at the moment, which means I am at the mercy of some pretty heavy-duty period drama mutton chops. Luckily, Marc Pilcher – our amazing make-up designer – is in full control of my facial hair for the next six months. He shears me like a sheep. I don’t have to do anything, which is great as I hate shaving.

Jonathan Bailer in 2019 for GQ Magazine

A couple of Jonathans on stage appearances:

1997/1998Les MiserablesGavroche
2003King JohnPrince Arthur
2018The York RealistJohn

Films and series he has played in:

Year:Title:Film or series:Role:
2001Baddiel’s SyndromeSeriesJosh
20045 Children And ItFilmCyril
2012Me And Mrs. JonesSeriesAlfie
2014Testament Of YouthFilmGeoffrey Thurlow
2016The Young MessiahFilmHerod
2018The MercyFilmWheeler

Check out the gallery!

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