Daphne Bridgerton – Bridgerton Characters

Who's the eldest Bridgerton daughter?

The oldest Bridgerton girl is a diamond of the first water, but she is a little unobtrusive and prefers to be on the sidelines enjoying the ball unnoticed than amid shallow and cruel people like Cressida Cowper, with every word and every move calculated to enchant or reject. Daphne is too sensible to artificially attempt to catch a husband. She is beautiful, that is not a question, but every man always seems to see her only as a sister or a close friend. (Her brothers Anthony, Benedict and Colin may or may not have anything to do with this, if the black glances they shoot at unsuspected suitors is any indication).

Daphne was born in the late summer of 1792 at Aubrey Hall, the country seat of the Bridgerton family. She has the famous chestnut Bridgerton hair and has a slightly resemblance with Violet, at least when she smiles.

Even with so much sibilings, Daphne is closer to Colin because of their age (they’re born less than two years apart) and it was easy to our little mischief-maker Colin to convince Daphne to go along in his adventures around Aubrey Hall. That special bond is one of the cutest things between them.

But don’t let this pretty face to fool you: Daphne is sweet, yes, but she has a will of iron. Afterall, you don’t survive in a house with three older brothers without learning how to stand your ground.

Daphne is looking for a husband in the marriage market, but will she be ready to make the hardest decision of her life when it comes to love?

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