Regé-Jean Page – Bridgerton Cast

We're starting off with Regé-Jean Page who will be playing Simon Basset!

We’re starting off with Regé-Jean Page who will be playing Simon Basset! In this article we will be talking about everything we know about him!


Born in Zimbabwe, Africa, Regé moves to London at the age of fourteen. He also plays in a band with his little brother, writing loud, angry and righteous guitar music. Before he sees acting as his future job, he studies sound engineering at a university. But when he sets a step into The National Youth Theatre, he completly changes his mind.

“It was the first time I’d ever been in a room with a group of kids who took acting as seriously as I did and went as deep as I wanted to go. I pretty much immediately ran away from university to be an actor.”

Regé-Jean Page in an interview in 2016

After two years of auditioning, he goes to acting school at The Drama Centre London, and graduates in 2013. Before he starts acting in movies and series he acts in a couple of plays on stage, including The History Boys and Merchant Of Venice.

Regé-Jean has been tight lipped about his role in Bridgerton and its color blind cast, but in an interview in 2016 to talk about Chicken George and the series Roots, he said this about people of color in tv shows: “People of color have a hard enough time getting our stories on-screen in the modern day, nevermind period history you know? You’ve got a hundred million Jane Austen’s, but turn the camera 90 degrees to the left and we’re still there!”

A couple of series and movies where you can see him:

Bonus! Regé-Jean Page was an extra in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! You can see him beside Hermione at the wedding attack. It must have been one of his first jobs after he started his studies.

Behold all his beauty:

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