Simon Basset – Bridgerton Characters

Everything you need to know about Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings!

Simon Arthur Henry Fitzranulph Basset. Yes, that’s the full name of our beloved 10th Duke of Hastings. Simon was born in 1784 in early april at Clyvedon Castle (Hello, Aries). His mother died at childbirth and his father, the 9th Duke, didn’t show a single drop of affection towards his own son.

Simon stuttered when he was a child, and it made him work twice as hard to overcome this. That also was the cause of the 9th Duke’s behavior: he thought that Simon was stupid.

At 11, Simon discovers that his father had gave him for dead. It was a shock, because he was very much alive and making every effort to overcome his stutter. This broke the relationship between him and the Duke forever, it shaped Simon’s views on the title and family heritage in a revengeful way.

At Eton, Simon’s struck a friendship with Anthony Bridgerton. They even went to Oxford together, and, after graduating, our Earl of Clyvedon (his title before the 9th Duke passed away) went on a grand tour through Europe, travelling to the most beautiful places for six years, but never returning while his father was still alive and ignoring any aproach by the duke.

Simon is everything a duke must be and at first mostly accidentally. While everyone thought that his piercing stare or his prolongued silences were disdain, it was because he had to think every little thing that came out of his mouth so he would’nt stutter. Of course, that aurea of ducal power must be so inbred that even then he was a model to be followed.

Simon Basset returns to London in 1813, after the death of his father. He soon meet his long time friend Anthony Bridgerton, and they renew their friendship. That is, until Simon and Daphne Bridgerton get too close for Anthony’s taste.

In order to avoid spoilers this is only a background to the character before the main story begins.

Regé-Jean Page will be playing our duke in the Bridgerton series on Netflix!

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  2. Beatrice Green

    fell in-love with this character playing the Duke of Hastings grabs you as this character…


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